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Block Paving Cleaning London

Block Paving Cleaning and sealing in London

Block paved driveways and patio areas throughout London often are neglected with weed growth, oil staining and general wear and tear making the area look unattractive and often taking away the visual appeal of the property or business premises.

London Driveway Cleaning can fully restore the fine appearance of block pavers undertaking a professional power washing service to fully clean, remove green growth, treat any oil staining and carry out minor repairs. An application of sealant to reduce maintenance and effectively restrict weed growth can also be applied.

Following a FREE site survey in any area of London such as Fulham, Hampstead, Hammersmith, Battersea, Highgate or any other suburb we will if required apply, 7-10 days prior to the cleaning, a weed control product and for those block paved driveways that require oil removal we can apply an bio-degradable industrial grade oil remover to effectively treat these eyesores. Due to the porosity of the differing block pavers and the type of oil and length of time the oil leak has been in situ 100% removal cannot be guaranteed, although in the majority of cases a significant improvement is achieved.

Using the most up to date professional petrol driven pressure washers and combined with a two stage cleaning process utilising a rotary headed cleaner and for customers in the London area electing to have the block pavers sealed a second clean is undertaken with a lance to deep clean between the block removing a significant amount of the old kiln dried sand, often more mud than sand, along with any remnants of the weed growth. Block paving cleaning and sealing in London is something we are asked to do on a regular basis and we have many satisfied customers throughout the region.

All sand and dirt is bagged and removed from the site and if any repairs needed they can now be carried out, tree roots often dislodge block pavers and some areas due to settlement issues may need taking up and re-bedding. For our customers in the London area, having a clean and re-sand service we will re-introduce the kiln dried in most cases within 24 hours, however for the majority of customers that request our sealant service we will allow a longer drying time of 4-5 days before brushing back the kiln dried sand to secure the blocks and then on the same day apply two coats of Smartseal’s top quality and long proven effective acrylic sealer. The first application is a flood coat to secure the sand to a significant depth with a following second coat to increase the longevity and effectiveness of the sealant.

This process will leave you with a block paved driveway, patio or pathway that has great depth of colour an exceptional visual appeal and reduced maintenance on a yearly basis.
If you are in the London area, we can carry out commercial block paving cleaning for property maintenance companies, shopping centres, housing associations please call us on 0800 988 0348 or complete our on-line enquiry form.