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Tarmac Restoration

With many hundreds of tarmacadam driveways and car parks located throughout London the tarmac product is incredibly versatile in providing a long lasting surface covering that is usually a low maintenance installation.

After a period of time the resins that contribute in its manufacture are slowly eroded with the sun and UV light often transforming that deep black or red tarmac surface a very pale and washed out colouration. Driveways with faded tarmac can look very unsightly and if not rectified they can deteriorate to the point where any attempts at refurbishment is useless.

As a result of the resins drying out and the colour fade the drier surface will start to fragment and break up with every day use from foot traffic or vehicle access. London Driveway Cleaning can resolve many issues arising from poorly maintained tarmac driveways or commercial car parks. We will if required pre-treat any areas that are suffering from moss growth and if there is evidence of oil leaks or oil staining then we can treat and neutralize these prior to pressure washing the entire area.

Tarmacadam can be very susceptible to being broken up if subjected to industrial strength pressure cleaning, with our variable pressure cleaning equipment and experience in treating the material you can be assured of a premium quality cleaning process without causing further issues.
After a full pressure clean and the surface allowed to dry out we will apply the first of several coats of Smartseal UK Ltd top quality tarmac restoration product Tarmaseal™.

This product has been specifically designed to replace the lost resins that have been eroded therefore reintroducing a key component to keep your tarmac surface is superb condition for many years to come. It is not a paint that sits on the surface that is more readily available in high street outlets but a product that is fully absorbed into the structure of the tarmacadam. Available in Black, Red and Green it will visually transform your driveway or commercial car park in the London area.

If you are running a business in London and would like to improve the visual appearance of your tarmac, please call us now on 0800 988 0348 or complete our online enquiry form.

We can clean and restore your tarmac driveway or tarmac parking area and pathways throughout London including Barnes, Hammersmith, Highgate, Stanmore, Wanstead and Wandsworth.